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Electrical wiring in the bathroom

Our priorities

Why should we decide to install a new wiring in the bathroom?

If you are building or reconstructing a bathroom, it is important to remember that using electric appliances in such moist environment causes a big risk. It is thus not always possible to place it as you like it. The main thing is to leave this work to professionals, because venturing alone into something about what you found out only from telling by others may be more than risky in this case.

Electrical wiring in the bathroom must be designed and constructed with regard to the standards that apply to it. Otherwise water could get to the electric appliance which could finally even mean a harm to human health. Do you hesitate? Do not hesitate, you are safe with us!

Where do we most often operate?

We will come to you throughout the Czech Republic! Within wiring we operate mainly in Prague. Specifically, Prague 1, Prague 5, Prague 6, Prague 7, Prague 13 and Prague 17.

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