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The stated prices are indicative only

The stated prices are indicative only. The Elektro-Minařík company offers two methods of billing. Customer may choose between a rate per hour of work and a payment for complete work.

Name of service Price per service
1 hour of electrical work – heavy current 250.00 CZK
1 hour of electrical work – light current 300.00 CZK
1 hour of repairs – heavy current 400.00 CZK
1 hour of repairs – light current 450.00 CZK
Revision of electrical appliance (price depends on the number and type of appliances) from 30.00 CZK/pc
Revision of lightning conductors (depends on the size of lightning system, building height and number of leads) 200.00 CZK/pc
Revision of electrical installation (depends on the size of area, extent of wiring and number of circuits) 90.00 CZK/circuit breaker
Transport of our personnel within Prague 150.00 CZK
Transport of our personnel out of Prague 7.00 CZK/km

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