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Reconstruction of wiring

What do we occupy ourselves with?

Why should we decide to reconstruct?

Wiring, which appears in prefabricated homes and older houses is usually around thirty years old or more and it is obvious that it is often inconvenient. It is caused by the age of the wiring but also the demands of people have somewhat changed over the years.

Reconstruction of wiring has many advantages. The main one is of course the safety and high functionality. Our company guarantees you fast and complex installation. You will not have to leave your house or any other space, everything is done during the operation and it is not necessary to move out. Thanks to that we reduce the costs of the owner. To move out is usually not only expensive, abut also exhausting. More socket circuits mean the end of an overload for you.

It is clear that every customer is different with different requirements. We always strive to perform the work according to your wishes and to keep up to predetermined conditions.

Where do we most often operate?

We will come to you throughout the Czech Republic! Within wiring we operate mainly in Prague. Specifically, Prague 1, Prague 5, Prague 6, Prague 7, Prague 13 and Prague 17.

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