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Security systems

What do we occupy ourselves with?

Why should we decide to install a new security system?

Electronic security systems (EZS) serve primarily to inform the owner of the property or operator about unauthorized intrusion to the protected area by an unauthorized person. The brain of the EZS is a switchboard, which is used to evaluate the information transmitted by the detectors deployed at the key locations of the building.

In case of detection of an intrusion into the protected area, breaking of windows or doors an acoustic and optical alarm occurs, which is transmitted by telephone or radio signal on the desk of the centralized protection. You will be informed about the curent state of the system via short message (SMS) by using GSM network.

You can also specify yourself which events you wish to receive via your mobile phone. So you can get an overview of what is happening in your home, if the kids already came home from school or at what time your husband came home from the restaurant. The installation of security systems can be solved in several ways.

In new and renovated buildings we usually suggest to drive the cables under the plastering. In new buildings that are already settled wireless systems are a suitable solution for their fast and clean installation. We will teach you how to control the electronic security system by using keyboard, card, chip or a mobile phone.

Where do we most often operate?

We will come to you throughout the Czech Republic! Within wiring we operate mainly in Prague. Specifically, Prague 1, Prague 5, Prague 6, Prague 7, Prague 13 and Prague 17.

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