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TV+SAT systems

What do we occupy ourselves with?

Our company offers you complete services for TV and satellite systems, that is you will not have to look for and contact several companies, we will provide everything from the installation to the maintenance. SKYLINK service provides users with the basic free programs for an unlimited period, which can be gained only by purchasing a card. Other programs can be purchased in the form of a package or separately. The initial investment into a satellite ensemble may be a negative for someone, in the result, however, it is the cheapest way to receive HD programmes.

We come with the option of providing a FREESAT service, which many of you surely know under the former name of UPC Direct. As is customary, a new product brings a wider range of channels and even more options for its users.

It is not important whether you are at home, working or just enjoying a holiday in your favourite hotel. Television, along with satellite systems are always good companions, wherever you are. Widen your horizons and become a witness of something unprecedented. We always work with the utmost dedication and number one for us is 100% satisfaction of all the clients. Do not hesitate to get this service, your living room will turn into one endless stage!

Where do we most often operate?

We will come to you throughout the Czech Republic! Within wiring we operate mainly in Prague. Specifically, Prague 1, Prague 5, Prague 6, Prague 7, Prague 13 and Prague 17.

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