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We are experienced and well balanced team

of electricians with many years of practice

Many years of experience with orders within the Czech Republic and abroad. We put the accent on quality of our work and customer’s satisfaction, so he may always return to us with confidence. We monitor and apply new trends and technologies, which streamline the work and therefore reduce the costs. Every order, regardless of size, is important to us and we approach it conscientiously and professionally.

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The stated prices are indicative only. The Elektro-Minařík company offers two methods of billing. Customer may choose between a rate per hour of work and a payment for complete work.

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  • Jiří Minařík, Bratří Nováků 164
  • Phone: +420 734 103 756
  • E-mail: info@elektro-minarik.cz
  • Web: www.elektro-minarik.cz
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